The Poker Savez Srbije is IFP's official Serbian member nation.

Founded in October 2010 in capital of Serbia, Belgrade, Poker Savez Srbije has now grown to a federation with over 1.500 verified members that have joined through one of our member associations.

SPF’s main goal is to have continues growth of membership that will generate even greater support in achieving status of mind sport. To make this possible, SPF has established a network of regional representatives in more than 30 regions (large cities in Serbia) that are main coordinators of our activities in their regions. Thanks to this volounteer network of representatives, we are able to hear the needs and suggestions of every poker voice from each region, giving the chance to every member to give his/her contribution for development  of SPF as a mind sport organisation.

Thanks to the great concept of Match Poker, its great positive effects and acceptance in Serbian market, we have decided to host number of Match Poker tournaments throughout the year, having the biggest Serbian Match Poker Cup held every year, where more than 30 cities will send their teams to compete.

We believe that the promotion of poker as a mind sport game, must go alongside with frequent Match Poker competitions, on both national and international scene, where we will be able to reinforce the element of skill involved, as well as the talent and determination required to succeed.

At the heart of IFP are its member nations. The IFP consists of National Poker Associations and Federations from around the world with each member federation holding a seat on the Congress of IFP. Currently, IFP has more than 50 members on four continents.

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