Congress Small 20july12After much debate, as well as considerable mud throwing, the chances of an Internet poker bill this year are good, according to United States Senator Dean Heller.Senator Heller talked of his confidence about working with Senator Harry Reid after the election to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Asked if the bill had any chance he said: “Absolutely, absolutely.”

In recent weeks Senators Heller and Reid have been blaming each other for the lack of progress on the matter. Heller is contesting his senate seat against Rep. Shelley Berkley, whom Reid has publicly supported. Not for the first time it seemed politics had got in the way of the wishes of poker players.

But in contrast to recent rhetoric, Heller said that he was confident that issues between the two men could be put aside after the election.

“I have no doubt when this race is over, Senator Reid and I will sit down and say, ‘OK, we got this behind us now, let’s work together and get this done,’?” said Heller. “And I have no doubt that it needs to get done by the end of the year. And I fully support working with Senator Reid in making that happen.”

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